Wednesday, May 28, 2008

we're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Something about the ride to Auntie's house became a tad overwhelming. He kept asking for Opa and his friends. Not sure how or why a ducky on the head helps, but it does. And I'm pretty sure I haven't thanked Aunt K enough for this dvd player....
Auntie, Punkin, and I decided to grab some "burders and fench fies" and head to the zoo. Feel free to ignore the weirdo look on my face as well as the fact that my white capris and my legs are the exact same shade of pale (please refrain from the Casper jokes, thankyouverymuch) He walked back and forth across this bridge for a long time. Finally! Time to check out the animals! The seals were a pretty big hit. The goats, as usual, were a love/hate experience. It was fantastic for Auntie to feed the goats, but not even a consideration for Punkin to touch them. Check out the little guy's face. Hehehehe. Oh my goodness! Turtles! I had to pry him away from the tank. The bear, for some reason, was perplexing to Punkin. I thought he was very bearish, myself.
Auntie suggests the carousel. Good call! We even found a "raff," which he politely reminded me was his "raff" every time I rested a finger. Overall, it was a great first trip to a big zoo. Very little nervous arm-biting and only a little tantruming over losing his Hot Wheels after he whipped them across the walkway.

Then it was off to Auntie's to attempt a nap. Totally unsuccessful at that one. So we packed it up and drove to the World's Largest Brat Fest sponsored by Johnsonville (duh). There was one tent for brats and dogs and one tent for condiments. Check out the excitement! He hugged me for about 4 minutes. And then he ate two dogs. YEAH!
The next day we went to Auntie's church and their community picnic (more "dot dogs") before heading to my aunt and uncle's for my cousin's graduation party. Where Punkin stripped naked and climbed in the hot tub once he saw all the other kids do it. I thought for sure he'd say it was too hot, but he LOVED it.

All in all, a fabulous holiday weekend. We are truly blessed!

And did you catch the Cubs game tonight??? Whoo-hoo!


Kristiem10 said...

Great pictures. I have to admit that I am just as white as you are. My legs are Casperish, too. I love love love! the picture of Punkin looking at the bear. Looks like it was a nice weekend.

Jennie said...

Sounds amazing. Your legs are perfectly gorgeous, Jennie-style, Renee Zellweger-style, and Nicole Kidman-style. I just burnt myself in the name of caring what other people think, and I'm thinking how lame that was. So glad you guys had a good time! Wish I could have been there with you!

FXSmom said...

That boy easily has the cutest facial expressions. And I love, love, love how ducky is on his head!!

Laura said...

That sounds like the BEST weekend!!

Laura said...

P.S. Jennie is right, take it from me, you ravishingly fair lady!