Friday, May 23, 2008

why are elephants big, gray, and wrinkly?

cause if they were small, white, and smooth, they'd be aspirin.

so i guess i should explain that punkin threw his glass of water at oma after a series of events including us trying to take the salsa away from him after he repeatedly cried out in pain and then oma taking his straw (FIGHDER) away after he flicked water all over us. he really does love her, it just seems like he is hitting her more often than usual.

also, i ended up at another junior high dance tonight. after i went shopping and spent a little too much money on new shirts. but i am exempt from scolding for three reasons: 1) my friends made me go to a dance instead of out to eat and then back to their place --which costs nothing 2) buying new clothes that flatter and fit me boosts my self-esteem 3) i am going to the great state of wisconsin this weekend for a graduation party and to hang out with punkin's auntie. i need to look cute so my cousins and sister aren't embarassed.

now for a moment of complaining. ssi owes me $1500 for the past year because my child support was less than they thought it was (or was supposed to be). so they are putting it in punkin's dedicated (restricted) account. i was fine with this even though i'd honestly rather have it added to his monthly checks. until i learned that they had overpaid me for a few months. and instead of taking that money out of the $1500 they owe me, i have to either pay them or have it decucted in increments out of punkin's monthly checks. tell me this makes sense to you. actually, don't. just keep it to yourself.

now i am off to bed. or packing. packing. i never know what i'm going to want to wear. it's like when you have to order food days ahead of time. how do i know what i'm going to want to eat on tuesday? it's saturday for pete's sake!

which reminds me of when i was in the hospital after i gave birth to punkin. when i got pregnant i was very sick and lost over 15 pounds before i finally started gaining. i gained a very healthy amount. but then i was sick with gall bladder problems and was on a restricted diet, which made me lose a little more weight. so by the time i gave birth, my chart made it appear as though i had only gained 6 pounds during my pregnancy even though i had given birth to a 9 pound baby. a nutritionist came to talk to me about this 6 pound weight gain and in front of me was enough food to feed at least two people. cause i had to order it a day ahead of time. didn't know what i'd be hungry for, so i ordered it all. =)

happy memorial day, everyone! enjoy your weekend!


Jennie said...

Well, CLEARLY, since your net weight gain was less than your baby, you MUST have some kind of eating disorder. SSI needs to go take a flying leap. Have a fun weekend I love you!

Kristiem10 said...

Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

i hate packing too! that's why i always put it off to the last minute. it was super hard packing for this month, because i have such a small bag. no wonder i keep trying to go shopping. :) not that you ever need an excuse to buy something nice for yourself, i say! love!

FXSmom said...

ssi is always a damned if u do, damned if u don't situation. I sent off checkstubs today. Can't wait to see the damage they do...NOT!!!