Wednesday, May 14, 2008

you can tell a lot about a lady from the contents of her purse

One wallet with a full punch card for Pancheros. That's right, baby, free burrito for me! I also have photos of Punkin and my parents,

One clear bag with face powder, a folding brush, nail clippers, Burts Bees Lip Balm, Avon Naturals Lotion in peach, a black hair tie, and a super cool gray medium tip Uni Ball Vision Elite pen from my pastor.

An orange "Kiss Me I'm Lutheran" button.

One planner -- a dollar -- from Walgreens (love that place) with about three things written inside.

One checkbook.

One Buzz Lightyear leg.

One medium Twixit! Clip in sage green.

And one WIC folder with three months worth of milk, cheese, eggs, juice, and cereal rationed out in nine blue vouchers. The loved, the hated, the WIC. Love the break on groceries. Hate the advice about not pre-chewing my son's food or giving him more than 4 ounces of juice every day. The juice thing is ironic because they give me 276 ounces of juice each month -- more than twice the amount they recommend he actually consume in the same amount of time. But I digress...

One Hot Wheels yellow bus.

A schedule of my duties at work that I am supposed to revise.

A pink cell phone that was accidentally still on silent and missed three text messages.

One registration card for Punkin's new carseat. Which is an interesting development. It's one of those that uses a shoulder belt. You know, a shoulder belt that a feisty three-year-old can climb through? But I digress yet again....

One size five Luvs diaper and a small box of wipes.

And finally, one slightly foul food-related odor. Probably should have included my purse in the five loads of laundry I got through this afternoon. The laundry that is sitting in a pile between my kitchen and living room. The pile I have to step over to enter the kitchen. The pile I have no intention of touching now that it is 9:15pm.

What's the oddest thing in your purse? (Or man bag.)


SB said...

I want one of those buttons!! And I, too, have a Hot Wheels car in my purse.

Ahh, life with a boy, eh?


Kristiem10 said...

Hmm, amazingly, the strangest thing in my purse is a little bottle of assorted pills, which I labeled as "Kristie's Drugs". Usually there are toys, a partial bag of M&Ms, or whatnot. Oh! And I can't forget the DumDum suckers that I use to bribe my kids to be good in stores.

Laura said...

ooh, a full panchero's punch card!!

d. said...

I carry around an empty backpack.

Umma said...

I think the oddest thing is that I don't carry one. I carry a sack back and forth to work with my lunch, T pass, the latest book and my blackberry. I hate carrying it but I can't fit all that stuff in my pockets.

Otherwise, when I leave the house, I only carry what I can fit in my pockets. My license, cash or bank card and my blackberry.

I like to travel light and, I tend to set my purse down and leave it behind when Monkey distracts me. Heh.