Monday, June 30, 2008

eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or, i got my computer back.

This is a fairly awful picture, but this is Punkin's schedule. And yes, this is the only place I could find to put a long line of velcro. That stuff is not good on paint.
My big girl bed, in desperate need of some new sheets and a comforter. Punkin didn't seem to mind the new bed. In fact, he didn't seem to notice the changes at all until after his bath when he asked to sit in the pink rocking chair in the corner that wasn't in the corner anymore. It's at Goodwill. And he tried to move his bed back where it was until I put it back where it used to be and showed him how I was moving it to the other (new) wall, hence proving that it was in fact the same bed after all.

An Alligator hat from Auntie Boo.
When you lift up the brim, there's a frog inside!

Giant sensory table at the children's museum.
Giant climbing aparatus at children's museum.
Woo-hoo! Giant 3d shapes at the children's museum! See a pattern with the giant-ness? I wish I had a picture of the giant sit and spin. SO awesome.
Woo-hoo! Velcro wall!
Brilliant artist. That's Oma, Opa, church, and the car. The part on the bottom is supposed to be the morning message like they write at school. I believe this one says, "We are going to play outside."


Kristiem10 said...

I am so glad you're back! I missed you. And look at that artistic talent! Way to go Punkin!

PS-like the new bed!

Zora said...

Yay, happy day!!! I feel like I haven't seen you in days. P.S. your friend Ted is leaving on Thursday for vacay. P.P.S. We are going to ROK 4th of July.
Happy Blogging!

Jennie said...

Do you want my unbelievably beautiful Laura Ashley bed set? I don't know if you ever saw it, but it's blue and white with floral comforter and stripey sheets. Even has bedskirt! Can't use it here b/c all our beds are queen sized.

Sarah said...

yay for the new bed! i still don't have a big girl bed. so i am jealous. :)