Tuesday, June 17, 2008

happy hour at a friend's house in the middle of a tuesday during respite is a good call. limiting happy hour to one drink is even better considering i had to come home and operate a stove, a bathtub, and a punkin.

in my case, and probably only mine seeing as how i can't find any info anywhere that says anyone else has experienced this muscle/nerve lunacy, it is ironic that cymbalta's tag line is "depression hurts. cymbalta can help." speaking of which, i called my doctor sunday morning and said, "the pain is gone, but i'm going crazy. i'm going to have to take my meds again." he's such a nice guy. he's on vacation and retiring in a few weeks, but he still gave me his cell phone number. so for now i am dealing with super sore feet and weird twitching in my hands and wondering what to do next. but at least i am happy and able to regulate my internal temperature for goodness sakes.

less you think i'm a genius, the "work" picture didn't fly today. when i came home from happy hour, the respite worker looked a smidge defeated and punkin was watching a movie. =) poor guy did his best and had to change a poopy diaper. and if you've ever changed punkin's diaper, oh, well, it's a chore -- if you can get him to stand in one place. cause, see, he either a) runs away and pees all over the floor, b) rips his diaper off, which flings poop on the floor, steps in the poop, and then panics because WHAA his foot is dirty c) flops about like a fish or d) wraps his sweet little arms around your neck and wants to cuddle and it's so nice but seriously not now.

happy hour (aka: New Orleans Hurricane)


1/2 cup ice
2 oz light rum
2 oz passion fruit flavored syrup
1 cup lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage
1 oz lime juice
1 oz 151 proof rum


combine ice, light rum, syrup, soda, and lime juice in a shaker. shake well and pour into a hurricane or lother large specialty glass. float 151 on top of the drink. invite friends over. sit on deck in sunshine. enjoy.


Kristiem10 said...

That drink sounds good. We'll have to go for a Happy Hour together at the conference. It sounds like you have a nice doctor. I have never heard of this nerve thing as a side effect for meds. I hope you can find something that works well without the side effects.

Sarah said...

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you on the meds thing, dude. i was thinking i am so glad i don't have to change poopy diapers, and then i remembered some of the toilets i had to clean at the hostel.

i think i would choose diapers!

Jennie said...

Funny about the hugging. Maybe the menopause is from the Zoloft instead of the shot! Sorry, Dr. Bloch, but one day you are in, and the next, you are out.

Laura said...

lion, i'm sorry about these medication issues. argh. i hope you find the right one soon!