Monday, June 9, 2008

it's a sneeze!

Hehehehe. He made it in during speech time at school. His teachers are so brilliant. His classroom teacher made him a photo book of all the kids in the class, and it's so cute to watch him point to all of their pictures and excitedly shout their names.

We had a busy weekend. Well, Oma had a busy weekend. I went to a bridal shower while Oma babysat. And then I went to church ALL BY MYSELF while Oma watched him. And she watched him again today while I went to the doctor. I think Oma deserves a Baileys Ice Cream drink. =) Of course she is going on an Alaskan CRUISE next week, so I think all of this time with Punkin is preparation for leaving him for a week and a half.

Speaking of Punkin and Oma, he really likes watching The Aristocats at her house. The little girl cat says something about how she's a lady and her brother says, "You're not a lady! You're nothing but a sister!" And later she says, "Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them." Such genius.

I heard from a friend we may be able to get Punkin a bigger carseat with a five point harness through medicaid. This is quite exciting to me, considering all of the ones I've seen cost at least $150.

Can I just say again that melatonin has changed our lives? Punkin eats dinner, I clean up while he watches a movie or plays, I give him a bath, we snuggle (for about 12 seconds), we put pajamas on, I give him his melatonin and prevacid (after which he hands me his pacifier to rinse it off because he purposely gets it 'dirty' with medicine), and he climbs into bed. We (I) say prayers, turn on a little fan for some white noise, and leave. He maybe gets up once to cuddle or "jump" (where he lies upside down on my lap). All of this by 7:15pm most nights. And he sleeps until between 5 and 6am. I know, I'm gloating. But SERIOUSLY. My life has been revolutionized. And I'm sure Punkin is happier now, too. He seems it.

Our bedtime routine is a little precise to say the least. But when it comes to our sleep, it's soooo worth it. Other times I don't necessarily give in to his strict guidelines. I think it's important to keep a predictable routine to keep him feeling safe and calm, but I don't want to shy away from shaking things up once in a while if he can tolerate -- which he luckily can, usually. For example, you won't find me allowing him to touch every single tree on route from our door to our car or from our car to the school. Because, let's face it, I am not that patient. But once in a while I'll stand and smile while he runs and shouts, "Tree! Tree!" I will allow him to sit in the same chair every night for dinner, but not always in front of the television. I'll rinse off his stupid pacifier every night after he purposely gets it messy, but I won't remind him if he forgets. Sometimes deviating from the routine ends in a major meltdown, not a bite taken at dinner, and mom pulling her hair out. Other times it ends with bright eyes and laughter. It's a constant struggle -- predictable, calm sameness and necessarily, unavoidable newness.


Kristiem10 said...

Good for you! I wish Melatonin lasted that long for my boys. But it is still better than no Melatonin at all. Nice sneeze.

Anonymous said...

Aristocats is Uncle Jay's all-time favorite Disney! Melatonin is my lifesaver too; I take it every night.

Aunt Linda