Saturday, June 21, 2008

lessons i've learned

i have learned five things in the past two days.

the first is that it is virtually impossible to eat while watching the live-action version of charlotte's web.

the second is that i will never again question paying for accident insurance. punkin unplugged his personal dvd player, got mad that his movie had stopped, threw the player, and whipped the power cord at me. it didn't hit me, but it did hit my laptop screen. it is unusable. i have never seen anything like it. i wish i had thought to take a picture. the top left corner had about 1.5 square inches that i could read clearly. the rest was white and black shapes and stripes. the good news? i forked over almost have the purchase price of the laptop for accident insurance for three years. so i took it to best buy and they are fixing it for free. the bad news, of course, is that this takes about two weeks. so don't expect too much blogging.

the third is that i desperately need to rearrange my kitchen closet. i foolishly put his bubbles in the same box as my kitchen and bathroom cleaners. a box he never even touched before two days ago when he grabbed his bubbles along with a bottle of febreeze. not good.

the fourth is that sometimes i wish i didn't get child support at all. or at least that someone would have explained to me how to avoid paying ssi back $745 on top of the $150 i already "owe" them because child support was more than it was supposed to be. i know it's payback because i gloated about getting his tax refund. because i got it, we weren't eligible for any ssi in may. so now i have to pay them back for that month and part of another month (which i don't really understand). turns out i could have just called them in april and told them about the refund to avoid all of this. a - nnoy - ing.

the fifth is that i would rather ask for forgiveness for eating my dad's moose track ice cream from whiteys than ask for permission, which i won't get because he is on a cruise and has no cell phone coverage. come to think of it, i think his cruise and my ice cream are almost even. this ice cream is pretty good.


Anonymous said...

The Moose Tracks ice cream was mine; not Dad's. I suppose that means you don't care that you ate it:) I don't; it's been there awhile.

Miss you and Pumkin,
See you Monday.

Anonymous said...

MOOSE TRACKS!?! Next time I'm home there must be Whitey's in the plans!!!!!

Jennie said...

NOW you're thinkin' like me, girl! I told my dad about the dilemma and he agreed with me.