Thursday, June 12, 2008

oma is holding me captive

Oma and Opa are leaving for Seattle tomorrow. Then on Sunday they are going to Vancouver where they will meet their CRUISE SHIP to Alaska. This type of long-term traveling makes Oma a wee bit nervous about packing. Which is where I come in. She claimed it was okay if I wanted to go home -- while she was giving me a pity "don't leave me" face. But I know she'd humor me if I was leaving for a week, so I'll continue to cut tags off all of her new clothes (which I did a fantastic job picking out) and pour her wine, err diet Coke.

In other news, the horrendous muscle pain has returned. My muscles feel sore and swollen, like I've been on a stairmaster for a few days. And the bottoms of my feet and the palms of my hand are tender -- like they're bruised. Totally weird. I talked to my doctor, who confirmed that it is possibly a side effect (again) of my (new) anti-depressants. So now I get to go cold turkey for a couple days and see if the pain goes away. Super fun!

Also, Punkin now has a black eye from falling on some concrete steps outside his school. And he fell (at Oma and Opa's) off the side of the stairs onto the couch and coffee table, striking various body parts on the way down. He cried for about 35 seconds and then picked out a movie to watch. He seems fine except for a scratch and some bruises. I, on the other hand, lost about 2 years of my life.


Anonymous said...

And a wonderful job of humoring me and giving me encouragement you did.

We will miss you greatly.

Keep us updated.


Jennie said...

Poor girl! Poor punkin! At least you are still high and dry. And you can raid Oma's stash of Coke while she's away! You are a very good daughter.

Kristiem10 said...

And the good daughter award goes to....

Marva said...

Ma and Pa are on an Alaskan cruise without MEEEEE?????