Friday, June 27, 2008

question of the day

i slept in my big girl bed!!! oh My goodness.

oma has lost her mind and decided to take punkin with her and my sister on july 4th weekend to indiana. the Entire weekend.

seriously. i am being made fun of for taking a proactive measure against alcohol abuse (ie: spilling) by drinking wine out of a plastic beer glass instead of a glass wine glass.

we went to the children's museum and discovered the gigantic sit 'n spin. and then we found the velcro wall with the 3d velcro shapes. Most Awesome Discoveries Ever.

we had ONE child in our room today. it was so fun. best day ever. kinda like the best week ever, except it was just one day.

i am DYING without my computer.

i set up a picture schedule for mr. punkin and his fantabulous respite workers to use to try and cut down on the whole throwing things at them thing. it is just a line of pictures, alternating between things he enjoys doing (dry erase markers, cars, and bubbles) and things he isn't so fond of (shape sorter, puzzles, and going potty). it's working really well. even on the days he gets super mad, he still completes each step so he can get to the end: a MOVIE!

question: what character was featured in a 1976 porno film entitled, "it's not his nose that grows"? (hehehehehehehehe....snort....hehehehehe)

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Anonymous said...

One should never blog when drinking cheap wine.