Wednesday, June 4, 2008

why punkin rocks my world

1. He scribbled a circle and sort-of colored it in, pointed to it, and yelled, "Buddah! (Opa)" He's drawing "pictures" and labeling them!

2. His aid and his substitute last week claim he recognizes T, P, and J and can tell them what sounds they make. Whenever I ask, though, I get, "ROAR!"

3. He asked for chalk and said, "I draw." I didn't know he knew either of those words!

4. He's using pronouns. Sometimes correctly, sometimes not, but still. He's using them!

5. He walks around in Oma and Opa's backyard in his own world, talking to himself. Which, by the way, he never stopped doing today -- talking, I mean. Not necessarily to himself. Oh MY Goodness. He wouldn't stop. Isn't that awesome? Talk talk talk. Anyway, Oma pointed out that he reminded her of me when I was a child. And even though I made a face at her, I have to admit she's right. I didn't have one imaginary friend who was always with me. I had an entire world of people who filled specific roles, like extras in a movie. To my sister's huge embarassment (so sorry), they showed themselves at school, church, the grocery store, and in my backyard. One time I watched an episode of Growing Pains and decided I needed to conjur up a permanent imaginary friend just like the little girl on the show. Her parents thought it was cute, and I thought mine would think so, too.

6. He likes showing off his toys to people who visit. This is especially exciting considering he always seemed apathetic in the past. He gets a smidge hyper instead. Just a smidge. You know, throwing cardboard blocks across the living room at my face.

7. He routinely picks up my bowls, pans, and spatulas and pretends to help me cook. I Love It.

8. He knew he needed a break from all the excitement today so he laid down on my bed all by himself. Later he put himself to bed. (Oh, the nap thing didn't happen today. BIG tears this afternoon from overwhelming tiredness.)

I am so proud of my Punkin.

On a completely different note, I had no idea so many people visited this blog. I installed a stat counter yesterday. Now, unless the same ten people check my site ten times a day (which I suppose is possible), there are a few lurkers out there. Show yourselves! Or not, it's cool. I don't always leave comments, either. I just feel like I need to write something more interesting now. =)


Sarah said...

oh, he's growing up so fast! i bought a little pressie for him. i couldn't resist. i will mail it to you soon! love

Kristiem10 said...

What a big boy! Isn't it fun seeing how many people visit? I was pretty surprised to see how many hits I got.

Umma said...

Wow, those are all GREAT accomplishments! Go Punkin!

Laura said...

i can't wait to see him in august! plane ticket, plane ticket. can someone tattoo it on my forehead--thanks.

Shannon said...

I read your blog!!!! Consider me revealed and a fan:)

Anonymous said...

I confess. I'm one to visit more than once a day on occasion wondering "did she write anything today?"
Seriously, you need to write a book!
Punkin is awesome...and so are you!
Love, Aunt Kim

huffy said...

Way to go little man! I'm glad you are getting some readers. I enjoy the updates.;)

Jen said...

Punkin sounds like a fun kid. And, I visit your blog on a regular basis :)

Aunt Jan said...

I'm a semi-regular visiter. Between you and Jenny, who are both awesome writers, my free reading time is booked! My school is having "Jean (Gene) Day" next fall on October 22nd to raise funds for Fragile X research. Anyone who brings a dollar or more can wear jeans instead of dress code that day, and maybe win some prizes. Do you think you and David can come?