Sunday, July 20, 2008

cause if you can't talk about poop on your blog, where can you talk about poop?

i decided that if i had to live through this experience, then the rest of the world must at the very least hear the story.

ahem. punkin has had, well, messy diapers. he's not sick. but it might make me (and his teachers) sick.

do you ever think, I should go check on my kid, but you're in the middle of changing your clothes or -- excuse me ........

.....back. i had to go talk to creepy man. (hate that guy)

anyway, i thought i should check on punkin, but i needed a minute to get dressed. when i'm done, i go check on him. he's in the bathroom, shaking his extremely messy pull-up over the toilet and saying something about poop. i start the clean-up process, which is extensive. it's on the door. it's on the floor. it's in between his toes and on his knees. and, of course, it is all over the potty. i start walking him to the living room only to discover a trail of runny mess all the way to the big brown chair next to the television. oh, wait, there are two more piles on the carpet. as i am no csi detective, i cannot tell where the mess began. all i know is where to find the resolve pet stain and odor carpet cleaner.

the good side to all of this? punkin's ridiculous bms of late have forced me to be a very proactive potty-trainer. i caught him two and a half times (once was in the middle of going) before he exPLOded and got him to sit on the potty.


Kristiem10 said...

Ewww, Gross. But you're right, if you can't talk about poop on your blog, where can you?

fragilemom said...

Yep, I'm sure we've all got those poop stories, just not brave enough to share! I guess we just gotta keep laughing, huh?!

We've been being more proactive with the training as well. We'll still working on the tee-tee, but he's doing better. I admit, with his temper, I have a fear of trying to get him in the middle of BM and puttin him on the potty. Maybe one day.....