Wednesday, July 23, 2008

days one and two

Everyone started out so cheery.
We set off Tuesday afternoon to stay with friends near St. Louis
before the conference began Wednesday.
Oma's gonna kill me when she sees this! (heeheehehee)
Yes, I intended both to look like that and to share it with you.
Woody watching ... Woody!
Oops. That's 25 minutes back to the rest stop to retrieve my glasses.
It's not funny, Muddah. I told you and Oma you missed the exit! Jeez!
He protected me at our friends' house Tuesday night.
Wednesday morning -- we're here!

So far we've explored Union Station, attended a few sectionals, and met up with Kristie. I've never met up with an online friend before. It's crazy, I feel just like we see each other every day, but I also realize it's so exciting to meet her and her husband. We also met a few others and spotted some very adorable Fraggies. Hope to post more tomorrow! Punkin is being an angel, although right now he is lying upside down on my lap trying to fall asleep after a busy, napless day.


Laura said...

Wow, it sounds like an exciting trip--fingers crossed that it keeps going well and that the glasses mishap is the only bad thing to happen!

Jennie said...

Looks like things are going great! You guys are adorable.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is a jerk; only bad pictures?

FXSmom said...

Awesome!!! Oma you look wonderful...very diva-ish :).