Monday, July 7, 2008

the fourth, again

reading my post about the fourth of july, it occurs to me that in my current mood the fireworks display could be described in a much different light. for example, i seem to have left out the fact that my parents' neighbors must have spent a grand -- easy -- on ca-ra-zay fireworks that rained white and black schmutz into our eyes, drinks, and hairdos. so much raining down, in fact, that one member of our party, who shall remain nameless (ahem, lola), wore a plastic face mask that my dad uses in the shop. not goggles, a full-on flips up at the top mask. and instead of laughing, i was actually a smidge jealous. even if i had decided to wear my sunglasses, they would certainly have not been adequate protection for my mouth and nose. blech.


Kristiem10 said...

lol. That is funny. I wish I had been there with ya, covering my drink, and squinting my eyes to avoid the muck.

FXSmom said...

lmao...that is sooo not cool.