Saturday, July 5, 2008

Last night was very quintessential American. Five driveways full of neighbors and friends eating homemade seafood eggrolls delivered by a very sweet woman across the street who I'm not sure understood more than my big smile when I thanked her, five driveways popping off firecrackers and later fireworks almost as big as the ones downtown, five driveways enjoying the freedoms and blessings of our country -- not ignoring our current big ticket issues, but knowing that we got a good thing, baby. A real good thing. Later we huddled, with sweatshirts on, around a fire in my parents' backyard, roasting marshmallows for s'mores.

In all of this I simultaneously missed Punkin and was relieved he was happily snoring away in Indiana with Oma and Auntie, who picked him up Thursday afternoon from preschool. It sounds like they are having a good time. Now, on Thursday night Auntie thought it was super cute that Punkin was being lovey and attentive to her. Come Friday afternoon, however, the description turned from "mini me" into something along the lines of "little leech." I think Auntie needed a nap.* =)

Because I am a bad blogger, I do not have any fourth photos to show you. I was a little depressed last night that I didn't have my new camera not only because I was feeling nostalgic and sentimental, but because it has a fireworks mode and a burst mode I have been dying to try. Sigh.

All in all, I am having a restful respite weekend. I need to clean the apartment more, something I was sure I would accomplish Thursday night. Instead I watched a lot of grown-up tv before the Tall Guy and Lola stole me away for a night of karaoke and the game Catch Phrase, during which I was apparently being a tad overzealous.

*I have to say that because I know it peeves her off even though it's what she says to me all the time. "You're crabby. Go take a nap!"


Anonymous said...

I made your blog!
Tall Guy

FXSmom said... me to little leach...that sounds like my baby girl :)