Tuesday, July 29, 2008

status report

apartment: still messy

muddah and punkin: still tired

punkin's ewwy diapers and red bottom: are likely a result of being unable to properly digest a certain food, probably of an acidic nature. which certain food, you ask? that is a fabulous question that i will attempt to answer within the next few weeks in order to avoid having to collect and bring in a stool sample for testing.

toenails: are painted red, per request of four year old boy in my classroom

scrabble: four games won (by a landslide). 56 points for one word that made three words. huh?
i hate it when: i cook dinner and punkin doesn't eat. what a waste of time and clean dishes.

i am in desperate need of: a pedicure, a haircut, and an eyebrow wax. and maybe a drink.


Umma said...

Has he had tomatoes in the last day or so? They get Monkey every time. They're so acidic. Ketchup turns his face red almost on contact. I hope you figure it out and you guys get a break!

Kristiem10 said...

My boys can't have more than one cup of fruit juice or they have the same problem. Hope you get it straightened out.

Jen said...

Juice and tomatoes don't do well with Evan, either.

Zora said...

your birthday is coming up...I know what to get you now. :)