Thursday, July 31, 2008

success . . . maybe

I found a doctor! This was much more difficult than expected. No one is taking new patients. If they met me they'd make an exception. =)

I finished folding and putting away the laundry. You know, the laundry I blogged about on Monday. Today is Thursday. I considered leaving it in the basket and just using it until the basket was empty, thus signaling the beginning of the cycle.

And the dishes are clean.

Okay the dishes are still dirty.

Free online Scrabble is a death sentence for productivity. I'd show you a chart, but us fraggles aren't good with lines and numbers. I'll let the dishes and now wrinkled (though hanging and folded) laundry speak for themselves.

I had one of those classic moments at the grocery store today. I went to buy muffin mix for something this weekend and to pick up four more things for our household. Well, I of course ended up with many more things in my cart, including my WIC items. When the cashier asks for my WIC voucher, though, I realize I've left it at home. I go ahead and buy the stuff because I need milk and eggs and don't want to have to return to the grocery store for at least another week. As we're walking out to the car I think about how I should have just bought the milk and eggs and waited on the other items in order to save some money. At least she gave me a coupon for the eggs. Thinking about coupons immediately makes me realize I didn't give her the $2 coupon for the Pull-Ups or the $0.50 coupon for the wipes. I can probably go back in and show them my receipt and get the money, but it's hot and Punkin is tired. As I'm putting my items in the trunk, I see a bag on the ground. A bag with my eggs. Thankfully only one appears to be broken. After unloading everything at home I go to start washing dishes so that I can bake the muffins. Thinking of dishes makes me wonder if I even own a muffin pan. I check. No muffin pan. I go play Scrabble instead.

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SB said...

Erika....I need your address. I have a package with TS stuff to mail your lil boy. A book, a shirt AND a CD....just need the address.

congrats on finding a doctor.

I wanna play online scrabble, too!!