Monday, July 28, 2008

This photo is horribly unflattering to me. Of course Kristie looks hot. Jerk. It was taken at the banquet on Saturday night. Dinner, dancing, auctioning for the Fragile X Foundation. Very fun. And Oma even took Punkin up to the room after dinner so I could have fun. =) I know, Oma rocks.
The next day was quite brief. There were two panels of experts set up for people to ask specific questions of about medication and intervention. When it comes time for Punkin to start any kind of medication besides melatonin and Prevacid, we will hopefully be able to visit one of those experts who works at a Fragile X Clinic in Chicago. Of course, by then the Fragile X Clinic in Iowa may be up and running! We stayed for the first panel and then took off for home.
I had grand plans to write all about the final few days of the conference -- about how our fraggles are not sequential learners like the rest of the world but rather need to see the entire process at once -- but I am exhausted. I do not recommend attending a five day special needs conference with your special needs child, driving home, and waking up early the next day to go work with special needs kids. I really need one day to just reorganize my apartment, which seems to have vomited luggage, toys, and laundry.
And this afternoon was nothing but errands, which aggravated both of us because we it made us sweaty and because it required climbing in and out of the car nearly a dozen times. It was one of those days when I had to retrace my steps a lot; I had to complete tasks or grab things from the other side of town, and that's remarkably annoying to me. But we completed our assigned tasks, including picking up a few groceries and getting quarters, picking up some items from home, four loads of laundry, picking up Ducky #2 from Oma's because Ducky #1 was accidentally left at school, feeding the cats (he remembered where we were as soon as I parked the car -- and he is still petrified), and mailing a package that should have been mailed a week ago (sorry!). We survived!
But it's better than tomorrow when we get to go to WIC!
Oh, but back to the conference -- I need to mention meeting this lovely blogger. What a wonderful little family! LOVE her. In a bloggy way. =)
Did I mention Punkin is using a phrase now instead of flipping out? I mean, not always (ha!), but a lot of the time. "No want it!" Too bad it's not a choice sometimes! Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday at about noon, he was dry. He was a pottying fool. But as soon as that babysitting started, the pottying stopped. Now it's, "No wan it!" Grrr. Can I say that at WIC? "No wan it!" I would if milk didn't cost $12 a gallon (or $4, whatever).


Kristiem10 said...

Hey girl, you looked awesome at the gala! I had a fun time with you, Sex on the Beach Barbie.

Jennie said...

AHHHHHH!!!!!!! YAAAY!!!! She's using your pledge name that you got from your pledge mommy!!!!!

But here's what I wanted to say: your little man is turning into an LOL-cat. DO NOT WANT! Just be glad he's not using F*** in the proper context like Haley's cheaty little monkey. And also, Ew. on the visual image of the apartment vomiting.

Glad you got some good info out of it!

Landon Andrew said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the props. Hee, hee! :-)