Wednesday, July 16, 2008

wanted: bouncer

since i moved in to this apartment, there has been a guy wandering the complex and the busy street it is on. after a few months he started talking to me. it seemed every time i was doing my laundry, he was there. he commented on my bears t-shirt. then one evening he shows up at my door with said shirt after i apparently dropped it in the laundromat. now he shows up at the door two to three times a week, just to chat. tell me there's a tornado warning. tell me there's an ambulance at the next building over. cause i didn't see the flashing lights or hear the sirens. tell me he went to see a movie. tell me he's going on vacation to colorado. and now telling me he's moving to colorado (hooray!) in a year (wha???).

"why don't you just ignore him when he knocks?" you ask

because he knocked REALLY loudly four different times. loud like a police officer ready to serve a search warrant. loud with a tappity tap tap pattern like we're friends or something. AGH.

i love my little cave. LEAVE me ALONE.

i need a bouncer.

in other, completely unrelated news, punkin did a great job at school with his "tar." however, one of the children in the class i work in spotted the "tar" and proceeded to have a meltdown WHILE i was changing his VERY messy diaper. (rolls eyes and shivers) seriously.


Jennie said...

Thank GOD he's moving. Answer the door with a gun next time. Or answer with a REEEEEEEEEElly poopy diaper.

Umma said...

Ewwwww...I'm not sure if that is for your neighbor or the kid rolling around in his messy diaper, lol.

Anonymous said...

He really is creepy. He came over while we were watching a movie and I answered the door. I just looked at him and said we were okay and I shut the door.

On a positive note, Punkin went potty at Wendy's! and he had to share it with everyone.


Maddy said...

Hmm a year might be a very long time, unfortunately I'm too tired to think of any useful advice. Any chance the landlord might be able to help out?
Best wishes

SB said...

Hye, it's me AGAIN. I need your address again...I lost the first e-mail. I have Punkin's Toy Story CD and a book and a short. and I am finally ready to actually MAIL IT...


the later mailer of all things good

FXSmom said...

i like jennie's idea of answering the door with a really stinky