Saturday, August 23, 2008

calling all people who love puns and fragile x!

Hey everybody. I am getting some things ready for Gene Day in October. It's a day when people will pay to wear jeans and we will raise awareness about the fragile x gene. Get it? My Aunt J is so brilliant. Anyway, if I could have pics of your kiddos to use for a couple displays that would be great. I want to show off our great variety of beautiful fraggles. If you want to give a photo, e-mail me at I'll ONLY use it for the displays, not on my blog.

If you want, you can have your own Gene Day. I will even send you an e-mail attachment of the flyer and any other info I've put together once it's finalized. In the past for similar events, people have paid anywhere from $2 to $5. I'm thinking that anyone who does this will be responsible for collecting and sending in the money they raise.


sarah said...

that is such a cool idea! :)

Sueblimely said...

As you were so generous with your images I will be glad to send you images of my son. I am about to scan some photos from my pre digital camera days for the website so this is good timing :-)z