Sunday, August 17, 2008

for rent: newly renovated apt in nice neighborhood


No weird guy

Real cabinets with drawers that are big enough to hold a set of silverware.

Two bedrooms.

Brand new, regular sized stove and refrigerator (not circa 1982 apartment sized ones)).

A dishwasher for $30 more/month if I want it.

A big grassy area for Punkin to play.

Seems quiet.

Close to a park, Oma and Opa, work, and my friends.

A bigger bathroom with cabinets (I have none now).

I know the landlord.

Central air (I have a window unit now).


It's going to be $100 more all together since I have to pay gas.

I will have to navigate some stairs.

It's going to cost about $1000 to move, which I have but hate spending. And I don't think I'll be getting my deposit back here after burning the carpet and Punkin breaking every blind. Will it strain my budget too much now that I am also paying car insurance?

In conclusion:

What am I worried about? I guess I am worried I can't really afford it even though I think I can. Kind of the way I felt when I moved into this place, I guess. But it all worked out. Might have to cook more. I did look into getting a 2 bedroom here. None are available right now, and when they are the rent would be $675 for a standard two bedroom and $725 for a large. Which, I must say, is a total rip off. My friends pay less than that for a townhouse with a basement.

Also, I am going through Lion withdrawl. Well, generally I am going through College Friend withdrawl. I NEED them.

And my anti depressant dose is so not strong enough. Wow.

p.s. The cost of moving will actually only be $500, I guess, because I would have to pay rent either way.


Kristiem10 said...

How exciting! I hope you can pull it off. Is the cost of moving due to the deposit and new utility hookups? I wish I could come help you move. And, keep trying on the antidepressants. See if they will bump up your dose. Love ya!

FXSmom said...

Sounds like you need to take a deep breath and just dive in. I know how scary that stuff is. God will provide :)

Maddy said...

Don't envy you that decision. We lost our deposit too [too many holes in the walls!]

sarah said...

it does sound like a nice apartment though, overall. more pros than cons, but those certainly could be big cons. i'm sure you'll make a good decision. :) i too, wish i could come help you move!

when i come home, i can come visit you! right away too, because i will still be a bum! love!

Jennie said...

GO for it! I have this kind of panic too, even after I know it'll be relatively painless. And are you coming to see me?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It will be cheap - I'll still go halvsies with you on airfare!

Anonymous said...

Go for it! It sounds like the biggest (only?) con is the $$$. Rely on your faith. Things always amazingly work out.
Plus, personally, I think the biggest pro is NO MORE CREEPY GUY.
Love you. Aunt Kim

Anonymous said...

Take the new place. Punkin needs space to run. He needs his own little room and sanctuary. You need space for your new big girl bed. AND I WOULD LOVE TO COME HELP YOU MOVE AND DECORATE!!!!! (even with the whole landlord thing) =)

Auntie EM

Anonymous said...

I say move. You and Punkin both need your own space and it will be worth all the money in the world to get away from CREEPY GUY!!
Love you, Aunt Patty
P.S. God will provide