Monday, August 11, 2008

must be crazy

went to the new doctor today. she's pretty nice, but i gotta say i'm not completely won over. perhaps i am too picky. the thing is, the first person who came in to see me was a medical student. hello? no one asked me if this was okay. i don't mind telling people about my problems, but do i really have to tell them twice? and do i really have to rely on one person to adequately pass on my entire message to the doctor who ultimately makes the decisions? really? why can't the medical student and the doctor examine and interview me at the same time? oh well. in the end, i walked away with samples for a new antidepressant and a bonus cleaned-out left ear. apparently it didn't just feel like there was wax in there. i love that water thingy they use.

by the way, how in the world do the men perform their gymnastic floor routines without music? i think that would be hard. back in my tumbling days when i was eight, i thought the music was the best part.

back to the doctor. i had to take punkin. who ripped the paper off the bed, threw a plastic truck at the wall and the computer, and pooped the smallest and stinkiest poop ever all before the doctor, err medical student, came in. he did think me getting my ear washed out was pretty hilarious, though.

when we came home i checked the mail and discovered two restaurant gift cards in the mail. so we vegged out for an hour and then headed back out for a little olive garden. i know, olive garden? with punkin? and no one else? he's an adorable little angel, erika, but it's the olive garden.

honestly, i thought it would be slow. also, i envisioned us in a booth. can you see what happened? it was busy and we had to sit across from one another at a table. i finally decided that i would in fact inconvenience everyone by moving his chair over near mine and everything was cool. and i forgot that olive garden does not offer a cheeseburger. oops. i got him chicken strips, and he ate about seven bites of one strip in addition to his fries. i was quite impressed that he didn't say, "no wan it" even once. all in all it was not disastrous. except for the part where i almost lost my cell phone in the parking lot. a kind sould found it and brought it inside so that i can go pick it up tomorrow.

this incident with the cell phone was one of a series of close calls this weekend. the first being my mom losing her wallet in california. $71.55 later, i overnighted her passport so she would be able to board the plane tonight. and while lion and i were at oma and opa's picking up the passport, i locked my keys in their house. ya. the keys for their house, my apartment, and my car. but God is good. opa suggested i make sure the front door was really locked. and while it was locked, it wasn't shut completely and i was able to retrieve the keys after lion and i suffered mild heart attacks.

lion and i had a fabulous time. i tried to post pictures, but my camera battery died. basically we talked and laughed and admired punkin. and read gossip and bridal magazines (she's recently engaged). i told his teacher that after this weekend, today was bound to be a tough one, and it was. he had so much fun with us that it was extra hard getting back into routine today. i mean, who wants to sit criss-cross applesauce for carpet time when they could be running around the park and shaking up the children's museum? DUH!


Kristiem10 said...

Isn't it amazing how a turd the size of a raisin can stink up an 8x10 exam room? I have never had my ears flushed out, but I bet I'd love it. And, while I am glad there are med students, I wouldn't have been thrilled to have to relate my issues twice over. I am glad you had a great time with Lion.

Laura said...

uh oh, i didn't stop to think that all the exciting things we did with punkin might hype him up. once he calms down we can look back and smile, though :)i had the best time; my favorite part was playing nite-nite with punkin.
hmm...that is disconcerting about the doctor, but hopefully the new prescription will help?

FXSmom said...

Dang girl!! You are having some luck. I'd have stroked out by now!!

Anonymous said...

Tell Oma that they still would have let her fly home. I didn't know my drivers lisense had an expired last time I flew to Chicago. Basically I had to answer a bunch of questions and be practically strip searched but I got through security. Plus they would see she did fly out there. But... I'm glad it all worked out.
Love, AP