Tuesday, August 19, 2008

other shtuff

why do the male gymnasts where footie pants?

i will probably move, pending approval from firefighter friends that the complex next door to the building i'm looking at is not problematic.

i am tired. i want to tell you about how my poor little punkin was so sad about being served peanut butter and jelly and carrots for lunch. and then how i made taco meat using some seasoning from that one company i work for and it tasted AWFUL.

one more thing, then i really am going to bed. lately i have been having serious tactile problems. i can't stand touching the inside of my wallet or the inside of my bag or the paper towels at school. that dry, rough texture. blech. it makes me want to flail my arms and scream. i will never look at punkin the same way again. once again a tiny taste of what he endures every day. i've understood the eye contact issue for some time, once i was made aware of it anyway. and i gotta say that the best feeling for me is wearing sunglasses. because then i can look at the person i'm talking to all i want or i can look away and i don't have to worry about whether or not they are scrutinizing me. unfortunately, our guys and gals usually can't handle things on their faces. the tactile thing is either a result of too little medication, the wrong medication, or me just getting weirder. guess i'll have to wait and see.

i thought i was going to sleep now. stupid gymnastics!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Shawn!!
Now it's time for bed for me too. Night night.
Loved you first:)

Anonymous said...

It's now 12:15 AM and I am finally going to bed. Never mind I have to get up in 5 hours. Love the olympics but can't wait til they are over. By the way I am glad you are moving. Creepy guy creeps me out. You'll be in my prayers.
Love, Aunt Patty

FXSmom said...

I think male gymnast wear footie pants so their butt is better to stare at than spandex pants...lmao!!

Laura said...

i think moving is the right decision--i just wish i could be there to help carry boxes!

i'm sorry to hear about the tactile thing. it's really eye opening for me to hear about how punkin experiences the world.

Jen said...

That's something that scares me about putting Matt on anxiety meds. You know when the dose isn't quite right; Matt wouldn't be able to express that to me!

Kristiem10 said...

I have some tactile issues myself. Nothing terrible, but some things make me cringe and shiver.

Oh, and I love being able to wear sunglasses. If I am going to a social event where I can wear sunglasses, I am ten times more relaxed.

Anonymous said...

I love the Olympics except for a few things....what's up with the TRAMPOLINE being an actual event?!? Or fencing...who does that anymore? And what exactly is water polo....soccer, football, swimming...???????? And they add that stuff and yet I hear they are TAKING OUT baseball!

I'm about to turn it on again, though, too!
Auntie EM