Saturday, August 2, 2008


I did not want to get Punkin one of those plastic kiddie potties. I used the excuse that I thought it would be too confusing when the time came to switch from the plastic pooper to the porcelain one (which may still hold true), but in reality I just didn't want to clean it. And when we left for the conference last week he was doing great on the real potty -- he stayed dry for 24 hours! He went at Pizza Hut, at the gas station, our friends' house -- he was doing awesome until we got to the conference. Then it was, "NO WAN IT!"

Then we got home and he slipped on his stepstool and once again became terrified of the potty (I think he fell in once when the respite worker was here and he was supposed to be sleeping). And the magical star I bought him was losing its charm, so I decided to break down and get a little one just for him. It took a minute to convince him to leave his toys to come sit on it, but he went immediately and used it again later that night. Then this morning he ran in, took of his pull-up, and went all by himself!

They have some that play music when you pee or poop in them! Can you imagine? He'd hear that, stand up, and pee all over the bathroom.

Oh, and the dishes really are clean this time. =)

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Maddy said...

Bring a whole new meaning to torture really! 'Chamber pot indeed.