Friday, August 1, 2008

to move or not to move

That's the question on my mind. I don't so much feel like a second bedroom is a necessity, though it would be nice, but I desperately want a dishwasher and a more "let's go for a walk" friendly environment. I don't live in a neighborhood at all, rather on a busy street that is close to everything except my work and my parents. But sometimes we want to go out walking, which presents a problem when the speed limit outside is 45mph. The other added incentive: moving away from creepy guy! But my rent is so cheap -- $450 a month and I only pay for electric, which is about $15 in the winter and $25 in the summer. Do I really need to stretch my budget for a dishwasher and a toy room?


Jennie said...

If you go to like, you should be able to search by price and stuff - maybe you can find something else that's just as cheap! I will look for you too, although you'll have to weed through the bad neighborhoods. LOVE YOU!!!!! (PS: can you tell that I think creepy-guy-distance, dishwasher, and two bedrooms are pretty dang important?)

Laura said...

listen, this creepy guy thing is starting to worry me. let me know if i should pack some heat in my checked baggage.