Monday, August 25, 2008

twenty questions. or five and some antecdotal notes

Do all fraggles love Julie Andrews or does that phenomenon exist only in my family? Punkin and I went to redeem my Best Buy Rewards Zone points today. I let him pick out whatever movie he wanted. Breezed right past Mickey Mouse and even Aristocats was easily discarded once he saw Mary Poppins. "Horse. Horse." Huh? Oh, the horse race while they're inside the chalk drawing! and guess what, when I had to turn the movie off and that part hadn't come on yet he freaked. Of course, being the easily persuaded and curious mother that I am, I fast forwarded to the race. Sure enough he ran straight to bed once it was over.

If you go to OT appointments outside the home, do they help? It certainly doesn't seem ideal. I mean, I can't recreate their super awesome center at my house. And what's the point of using their super awesome equipment if I don't know how to properly support him at home and at school? Perhaps I jump to the conclusion that they won't provide assistance in these areas. But how can they if they never see it? I am a skeptic!

Spinning in circles? Seriously. He doesn't even get dizzy. At first I was hopeful he was playing because he would hold two Woody dolls and spin, yelling "go, go, go!" But now he's doing it with manilla envelopes and strips of paper.

Ordering chicken at Red Lobster -- that probably sounds pretty lame, huh? Well, that's what we did. I had a gift card but I definitely do not have "a seafood lover" in me. So I got chicken and so did Punkin. He did pretty well, too. The card even covered the tip.

Do you love Merriam-Webster Online as much as me? The thing talks! (Had to look up anecdotal.)

I am super tired of people (who don't know me very well) thinking that I only have babysitting skills because I work in a preschool. We are a preSCHOOL. We have a curriculum. (I should look that up on But more than that, I did graduate college with a host of experience in writing and leadership. Come on! I know it's a little outdated, but cut me a break!

Also, we had a rough time at church Sunday. Took 10 minutes to get from the narthex of the church into the actual sanctuary. 10 minutes to walk through some doors. I think his tiredness and anxiety got the best of him when he saw all of the people. Even though we go to church every Sunday, it's been much less crowded this summer and we usually are a little early. This time we went to an earlier, more popular service and were five minutes late.

I think that I am done now. The melatonin has started to kick in. Also, Jennie -- you should call me. My phone fear is strong lately but I need to talk to you. =) Maybe these meds aren't working.....Given my irritability lately I'm sure my mother might agree. =) (Love ya, Oma.)


Jennie said...

I will call you tonight, Baby.

Also, can I just say: When Encarta first came out, we used to make it say "Menominee Falls" all the time because it sounds so funny. I will have to look up how to say "apocryphal" and "proselytizing" (or is it "prosetylzing"?)

Kristiem10 said...

At least you can get Punkin in the door. Drew wants to go to church, but when he gets to the door, he drops his 75 lb. frame on the floor and says, "No Church!" rather loudly. Good thing Grandma lives right across the street so he can stay with her.

And I hate the misconception that preschool people don't do more than babysit. They have as much work, or more than elementary school staff. At least elementary school staff doesn't usually have to chase kids and change poopy pants.

Love you. Email me if you want to talk.