Monday, August 25, 2008

what i've been up to

My super-clean, super-organized closet. Love the new drawers/shelves so much more than the old desk I had stuffed in there.
Pure joy found inside a dougnut.
The coolest, easiest place to get your hair cut. He gets to sit in the car while watching Cars. He gets better every time. He even wore the cape thingy.
The bangs are a smidge short, but it will be perfect come school photo time.
I cut up the big schedule into three little schedules. I am going to get magnets for them tomorrow so I can take the bottom one on and off as needed since it is just for respite. Obviously a few pics are missing today and one is apparently broken. I may have some work to do. But he is responding really well especially about getting dressed and sitting on the potty. On Sunday he went and got the pizza picture about five times because he was so excited.


FXSmom said...

I wish our area had a car thing to get haircuts in. Though Matty probably wouldn't fit in it now anyway. Shucks from all sides. I love the cut. It is quite adorable on him. :)

Laura said...

I LOVE these photos. Which do I like more--the haircut or the donut or the grin??? I can't decide!