Sunday, September 21, 2008

biggest meltdown ever

The table, set for 4 imaginary dinner guests, prior to The Biggest Meltdown Ever.
A random photo near Walgreens. The lions are inflatable.
I'm gonna tap my head on this chair because I'm mad.
Now I'm going to fake whine so that you'll feel sorry for me and cuddle me. Nevermind the fact that I could just ask for a hug.

The weekend started with me being the crabby girl at sand volleyball. It was mostly a culmination of being angry at my body for not doing what I want it to do. I was never an athlete, but I could at least deliver a consistent serve. Now I can't even get a feel for where my body is on the court. In short, I know what to do, I just can't make my myself do it in the snap of a finger.

On Saturday, one of the most beautiful days in weeks, I forced us to hole-up in the apartment watching movies and take a three hour nap. I was so groggy all day I considered at one point whether or not I should go out and get a carbon monoxide detector. In the end, though, I think it's just the result of us battling a heinous cold for the past two weeks. I pretty much felt like a wretched mother by the time we ventured out of the house at 8pm to pick up some photos at Walgreens.

Said cold has rendered Punkin an emotional nightmare. He asks to watch Boat (Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie). I start Boat.
"Peter Pan."
"No, you picked Boat."
"WAAAA!!!!" Smacks self in head repeatedly. "Peter Pan."
"No, you picked Boat." If I give in this time, I will be changing DVDs every 5 minutes for the rest of my life. Or until he learns how to do it himself, which probably isn't that far off.
"WAAA!!!!" Smacks self in head repeatedly before falling/sitting in a basket of toys, therefore distracting himself before he remembers he LOVES the Boat movie.

Because of today's schedule -- okay mommy insisting on going out to lunch during Punkin's usual nap hour -- Punkin did not have a nap. But I'm pretty sure that based on the past 5 days, he would have refused to sleep anyway. And by the time he looked really ready to sleep it was way too late in the day; I do not have the energy nor desire to stay up half the night with Mr. Wiggly McPunkin in my bed, hopelessly trying to convince him to fall asleep please please please mommy is soooo tired please. Stop kicking me in the belly and sitting on my face. And pinching my cheeks like my great aunt -- you are three THREE. Who taught you that, anyway?

So I fed him dinner at 5pm, during which he was fine until I refused to give him more fruit unless he ate some of the other food on his plate. I should have known better, really, than to force the issue on a day like today. But lately all the days have been like today and regardless, once the words came out of my mouth, I had to stick to them. Usually he wanders around the living room whining until giving in to my arbitrary rules. Today, though, resulted in The Biggest Meltdown Ever. Hitting (himself and me), kicking, screaming, crying, BARFING, hitting, crying, screaming, "Monna! Hold you!" BARFING, "A mess! A mess!" for an hour and a half until he finally closed his eyes for the night. Oh, wait! He didn't close his eyes for the night. He got up twice screaming for me until I realized his belly probably hurt from the puking -- duh, mom -- and I gave him some antacids.

While I was cleaning up the puke (Oh the joys of motherhood), I noticed A LOT of greenish phlem amongst the small amount of dinner he ate before subsequently melting down and regurgitating it. So I think I will be calling his doctor again tomorrow to beg some sort of intervention before we both lose our minds. I'm thinking sinuses, as mine are on the verge of exploding.

In the past few weeks, his teacher and I have noticed a marked increase in head hitting, spinning, hand flapping, playing with his hands in front of his face (totally new behavior), poor quality of sleep, and CLIMBING ALL OVER ME. It is one thing when a nine-month old climbs up your belly/chest, and it is quite another when a nearly 40 pound child does it. ALL day. I assume it has to do with needing to know where his body is in space. When we're in a pool, for example, he always has to have his feet touching my thighs or stomach. Which again, was fine, when he was little. Anyway, his academic skills are improving dramatically. He knows some letters, he can do a twenty-piece shape sorter, he knows all of his colors, he can sit and play a game with his teachers and friends, and the length of his utterances has definitely increased. (Intelligibility is another issue.) So why all the self-stim? Stressed? Sick? He's just getting older? Needs time in an integrated room? Time to call that outside (the school) OT for some advice, I guess.

In other news, I keep thinking things like, "Some day, I'll have a dishwasher." or "Some day, I won't wake up Punkin when I have to pee because the bathroom won't be in his bedroom." But guess what? That day is like in two weeks!!!!


Holly's Mom said...

I totally feel for you, we have also been the miserable family this weekend also, sick again, 3 weeks out o the last 4, but I swear that one good week, certainly gave us the stregth to go at it again, Holly is miserable, completely stuffed and conjested, and whimpers all day. I hope you all feel better soon.

Kristiem10 said...

Ugh. I am sorry things are tough with Punkin right now. It can be so frustrating, I know. Two weeks until your big move, though. Woot!

Jennie said...

Awesome stud-muffin. And he has a GREAT mom. I probably wouldn't have even noticed the phlegm.

Hope things are better this week. That won't be the end of nice days this fall - don't you worry!

Ooh, how does he feel about crispy LEAVES?!?!?!

Umma said...

We went to one day FX conference on Saturday so this is fresh in my mind...Tracy and Mouse said that the antecedent for all behaviors in our kids is hyperarousal. That one should start looking at what is causing an increase in hyperarousal in order to tackle the behavior (which is just a symptom.) I think calling the OT is the right plan.

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Every time we moved, some of the less pleasant toys "got lost" in the move. What a shame!

Aunt L

FXSmom said...

lol..i love that you took shots of the meltdown