Thursday, September 18, 2008

a day of crabby, i mean rest

Now, Punkin, your job is to cheer up for goodness sakes! I have been hit and kicked more today than on a bad day with the preschoolers. "Nandeee nall none!" (Candy all gone!) "No bantet! No nigh-night! Broten!" He refuses to nap even though he can't keep his eyes open partly because he wacked me and spilled the glass of water in my hand -- you know, the one he requested? Sheesh. And it's warmish, so I am sweaty and sticky, but I don't see the logic in turning the air on for like 12 hours, especially when it's a window unit and takes forever to spread into the rest of the apartment. Hmmph. Maybe I needed an attitude adjustment, too. We are AWESOME company tonight.

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Kristiem10 said...

I hate days like that. Sometimes it seems like nothing makes them happy, huh? Crabby kids make crabby moms. Hope today is better.