Monday, September 15, 2008

here i am!

The reality of moving hasn't quite set in yet. I only have two boxes, one of which I packed so full of binders and other heavy things that I can no longer lift it. It will have to be repacked.

This past Saturday and Sunday I went to visit with the almost in-laws, minus the almost husband (thank goodness). Some of them were surprised to hear that he hasn't talked to us in over 2 years. I did see today when I looked in my saved items that he did e-mail around Punkin's birthday last year to say that his present would be late, but was on it's way. So I stand slightly corrected. Nice, huh? =) I mean, his darned birthday is always on a different day. Just can't keep it straight!

Overall the visit went better than I thought, and Punkin continues to ask about the cousins he met there. He was pretty thrilled with the king sized bed in the hotel room as well as the playplace at McDonalds. The problem with playplaces is that, like most FX kids, Punkin needs to see how the entire process works before he is willing to participate. But I am too big to show him or go with him. And even if I did try to show him, he still couldn't really see all of the steps. So I let him go on his own.

Imagine you are Punkin. From from the ground you can't see that when you climb up the giant steps (inside a giant vertical mesh tunnel), you will be able to run around and then slide down the big yellow slide with which you are enthralled. So instead you try climbing up the slide, which mom cannot allow due to preschool rules and general safety precautions. So you muster up enough courage to climb halfway up the tunnel and then yell "Mom! Mom!" before you hurredly climb/fall back down. Then one of your cousins starts climbing up and you desperately want to play with her and just be next to her, so you blindly follow her up the steps and across to the slide. And now reality has set in. You are stuck way up high in a small space and the only escape in sight is submitting to the whims of that glorious yellow twirly slide. The one you really want to slide down but just can't. You just can't. "Mom! Mom! Mom! Hold you! Mom!"

"It's okay, Punkin! Come down!"


"Hey, Hannah, are you by Punkin?"


"Okay, can you push him down the slide?"

"Um, he doesn't want to go."

'That's okay, just push him gently."


"Hi, Punkin!"

"Here I am!"


Holly's Mom said...

OMG - That sounds like the sweetest thing! I mean, to me it sounds like any child discovering something new. When I was a kid, i loved to climb, but then i would get stuck, my parents have several stories of ladder's and crains needed to get me down from church roofs, tall trees, and the like, becasue i didn;t look down, I just wanted to go up! and coming abck down, well, scared me! I am glad he had fun!

Kristiem10 said...

Drew still is scared to climb the ladder in the Playplace. Now Blake, he goes right in. What a great story, though. I can imagine him saying "Mom, hold you?"

Jennie said...

I love how brilliant this man is! He totally connects his apprehension about being lost inside something with his relief when he gets to the ground, and he transfers it to you, so he lets you know where he is. OhmyGod that kid is so unbelievably cute. And you are an awesome mommy for not only understanding his fears but for also not allowing him to do off-limits/dangerous things.