Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let me just elaborate on the mommy time out I mentioned earlier. It started this morning when I told him to put his clothes on. WHAAA!!!! *Hits head repeatedly.*

Then we went to school, where I was with him for an hour for the before school program. He decided, like he usually does, to color his hands with the markers so that he could escape the confines of the table and wash his hands, eventually leading to a long-lasting jaunt around the classroom before I reigned him back in to the table. Today, though, Mama ate her Wheaties. Okay, not really, but I intervened. I made him stay at the table while he kicked and screamed and hit me and hit himself and yelled. And then when it was time for everyone to be done coloring, I allowed him to get up and wash his hands. He recovered nicely, after knocking over a chair.

I walked past his classroom a few hours later to witness a similar reaction to working with his teacher. She seemed to suffer a few more head-butts than me, though.

And THEN after school he was all WHAAA about putting on his shoes, putting his notebook in his bag, and walking to the car.

Driving home I realized that my car charger for my cell phone was broken (my home one is, too), and I officially joined Punkin in Crabby Land. So we stopped at the Sprint store, where he proceeded to smack me in the face REALLY hard while alternately throwing my back out with his squirming and begging me to touch the balloons by the door -- which speeded up service exponentially by the way. (You should try it.) We finally headed out to the car, where he smacked me again.

So I kinda needed a time out. (In my bed with your blogs.) Which lead to the chip incident. Meaning, an entire bag of Tostitos dumped into a smallish plastic bowl. The overflow was then systematically crushed, broken, and scattered across the living room. I find cleaning therapeautic, luckily, or I'm afraid the cycle would have merely repeated itself.

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Jennie said...

Dude. You need a night off. Respite tonight? Or Oma-Respite? Then you can make a rug-angel on your newly-clean carpet.