Tuesday, September 2, 2008

me, on moving day (whenever that may be)

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i know it's really not like me, but i don't have much to say lately. we had a fun weekend with auntie, her bf, and my parents. we looked at some apartments, one of which had deep pink carpeting to match the slanted floors and missing cabinet doors. it's sad to me when i see a perfectly good space left to sag and collect cheap paint. because it was a perfectly good space with a porch, a deck, good sized rooms, and a backyard.

the next two places were in better neighborhoods and much better cared for, but are far away and a little more expensive. one was bigger and newer than the other, but it was in one of those "parade" neighborhoods where, as auntie's bf puts it, "you want to start throwing candy at the people sitting outside on their porches and their curbs, staring as you drive by." what's up with the nice apartment in the nice neighborhood i spoke of earlier, you ask? because someone said the complex next door is a little shady. i'm still quite in love with it, though. and all the other houses around it are new and nice. and it's a good deal. so i will keep asking around about it.

i feel like i should have some punkin stories. hmmm. i've been wondering lately whether or not making the trip to a fragile x clinic would be worth our time and energy. i thought initially that i would wait until i was pretty sure punkin needed to start some medication to help him at school, but why wait until the bottom falls out? maybe it would be good to establish a relationship now? what do you think? really, i wouldn't ask if i didn't want your opinion.

i can't believe how much a small child can control a situation. we think we're in charge, but it's a farce. on sunday night, six adults sat around the dinner table unable to continue eating their steaks and corn on the cob until we put "hands up" and went through the motions of "tick tock," a poem punkin's class recites before they eat lunch. we repeated it twice until the eldest and wisest adults brazenly announced, "enough!"

the poem goes something like this:

hands up (pointer fingers at attention)
tick tock, tick tock, [something something] lunch (pointer fingers move side to side)
up (hands up)
down (hands down)
in front (get it?)
behind (i hope you caught on)
hands in your lap


Kristiem10 said...

Well, I hope you get it figured out. I am sure it will work out. You'll find the perfect place for you and punkin. I know what you mean about the kids controlling the situation. Our kids are always making us jump through their hoops. lol.

Jennie said...

When my cousin was a toddler, he used to INSIST that everyone "hold up the bridge" when we went under a bridge or a railroad tunnel.

Yes, establishing a relationship is a good plan. Plus then I can live vicariously through you going to my homeland. Will you go to what's-it-called and get fried pickles? Malone's! (I think maybe my brain is made out of fried pickles, considering the word-retrieval problems I've had lately.)

Umma said...

I think it is totally worth going to a Fragile X clinic now. They really are full of great information. Also, we've learned, that while there might be a longish wait for an initial full evaluation (a 2 day process in Boston) it's MUCH easier to get in for little things (like discussing meds or behavior challenges) if you're already in the system.

We do yearly evaluations at the clinic in Boston so they can keep an eye on Monkey's progress and we go to see them or e-mail them when we are having other issues as well. It's nice to have a whole team (OT, PT, psychologist and geneticist) available at a moments notice.

And, they are awesome cheerleaders. When Monkey has a breakthrough we'll e-mail whoever it was that gave us ideas to try and the whole team will respond. And they tell us how CUTE he is and how sweet...you can't ever have enough people who do that.

sarah said...

i'm glad that you are apartment looking. it's progress, and you will know when you find that perfect one. :) also, i love icanhascheezburger.com.

also, i can't remember what else. love!

Bethany said...

What a brave adult.. We are often forced to do the "Open Shut Them" hand routine before meals. It goes as follows Open Shut them Open shut them give a little clap open shut them open shut them lay them in your lap. Gotta love Pre K