Monday, September 8, 2008

meds update (with lots of parantheses)

Okay. Doctor's visit went well. I am now on two medications: an increased dose of Lexapro (I will keep an eye on the sensory issues, maybe it's a result of not enough meds???) and a low dose of Clorazepate (similar, I guess, to Abilify -- but older and therefore cheaper). I'll let you know how how it goes, but I have a good feeling. And she said I need to wait it out with my sinuses instead of jumping on the antibiotics bandwagon. People and their logic.

I won at Bunko, sort of. I tied and then we had a roll-off and I lost the roll-off. I still got $10, though. Whoo-hoo.

And THANK YOU, Oma, for babysitting and for telling me to take the battery out of my laptop and put it back in when it wouldn't start up. And now it works!!! Hooray!!!


Holly's Mom said...

I really love you blog, I just started reading it, and had to jump back to the first post to find out more about you. I haven;t had time to read everything, or most of it, except the recent stuff. I love that you use Oma/Opa, as my parent;s are now Holly's Oma/Opa and you don;t hear that often, I also love that you are a writer and a teacher, I went to school to be a writer, but i am in education now. I am also most curious about your having Fragile X and taking medications, I looked for an email, but did not find one. I would love to learn more about you. I am a pre-mutation carrier, and my Daughter holly has a full Mutation, do you? How Many Repeats. The fact that you are doing so well as a single mom, raising a special needs child, and have Fragile X yourself, is amazing and gives me so much hope. Please write me: Vicki,

Kristiem10 said...

Sounds good! Hope it works for ya.

Jennie said...

We are all keeping our fingers crossed, obvs. Don't you hate the sinus torture, though? I end up taking a perverse pleasure when one nostril just decides to clear suddenly and some of that pressure is relieved.