Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a much-needed break

Punkin has been bordering on sick for about a week now. Not sick enough to stay home, but not feeling good enough to want to be at school all day, either. I called the doctor yesterday and arranged an appointment for this afternoon to make sure he didn't need antibiotics. I made sure to schedule it for after work so that we didn't have to miss school.

BUT .... I'm walking back from the office (I work in the same place he goes to preschool) and I see his teacher holding his hand, comforting him as he fusses about the brown goo running down his legs. !!!! Oi. It was on his SHOES.

So we ended up going home early and are banished from the premises until Friday morning. He hasn't had anymore poopies (maybe something he ate/drank?) and the doctor says there's no signs of infection at this point, but we both just needed to rest. I've had the same cold and a day at home is a welcomed relief.

I had to wash his shoes in the washing machine. They were so icky, and the one still smells. Any ideas? Another washing? Febreeze?

On a cleaner note, Punkin got to spend an evening with Opa while I helped Oma at her book fair. They went to the grocery store where Opa learned all about Punkin's quirks, which include sitting in the big part of the cart, yelling hooray when he sees the cereal bars, and helping put/throw items from the cart onto the belt. Then they hit up Burger King for dinner and headed home to watch Little Mermaid. He LOVES that movie. When I got to Oma and Opa's, Opa hinted strongly that I clean out my car with his shop vac while he and Oma ran laps with Punkin in the driveway. I really wish I had video. "MOMA! BOPA! DOH! YURRY YUP! YAHHHH!!!!"

My apartment walls are closing in on me. It's just harder and harder to keep it clean and organized because we have a lot of stuff in a relatively small space. I'm ready to pack and go! I'll probably be a little sad on that last day, though, because of all the memories I have here of Punkin and learning how to be a mommy and a renter all by myself. In the new place we are going to have some new rules:
  1. We eat and drink only in the kitchen. (Will. be. so. hard. on. Saturday. morning.)
  2. Punkin sleeps in a different room than mommy. (Unless the whole toys in the bedroom thing doesn't work out, in which case the bedroom will be devoted to toys because I can't handle them in the living room any longer and Punkin's bed will be in mommy's room.)
  3. Everyone is required to sleep 20 minutes later in the morning because the drive to work will be about 5 minutes!
  4. Shoes must be on before leaving the apartment.


SB said...

vinegar on the shoes, wash them then let 'em bake in the sun. They might stink a little but not nearly as much.

Been there WAY TOO MUCH, got the stains to prove it.

Hope you're full of energy soon. (I still need your shipping address to mail you the Toy Story stuff...)

Anonymous said...

Hi....those are good rules. good luck with the "food only in the kitchen" thing! =)

Auntie EM

d. said...

For the shoes, I recommend fire.

At least, that's what I used on the last pair I pooped in, and it totally got the stink out! :)

liz said...

Shoes... boiling water with a ton a baking soda, don't actually boil the shoes though. It's worked on A's clothes hopefully it'll work on P's shoes.