Wednesday, September 10, 2008


There's a guy on Project Runway who insists on referring to himself in the third person. This is annoying for three reasons: 1) He is not an impressive designer 2) It is a ploy to get attention and 3) He doesn't follow through with his pronouns. For example, he says something to the effect of, "Suede wanted something strong, so I chose purple fabric." This is by far the worst part of the whole mess and a clear indication that he is just trying to come off as quirky.

I decided I am moving by Oct. 1. Hooray! I bought a new tv stand and a new bookshelf for Punkin, and I can't wait to put them together.

Apparently my son has mommy-induced ADHD. We went to his school's PTO meeting tonight. There were a few other teachers and one other parent there, so he got to run around and play in the classroom while the rest of us had our very informal meeting. During this time, his teacher gave me a couple of looks I couldn't quite interpret. Finally, after he ran up with a plastic tube and yelled "FIGHDER!" in her face, she said, "I've never seen him like this!" as he ran away.
"What do you mean? He's always like this."
"Um, not in my room."
"This is Punkin."
"This is how he acts at home?"
"Yes, and the grocery store. And the doctor's office. And church. And the bathtub. And the dinner table. And the park. What? He's not like that for you?"
"Oh, no. He's pretty calm."
"CALM? Oh, no. He's not calm unless he's sleeping."
"No wonder you asked about medication!"
"I know! I always wondered when I asked you if he needed meds and you said no."
"When you asked me, I thought, 'Really, Erika? Meds?' But I understand now. No wonder you're tired!"

Well said, Miss P, well said.

P.S. I like MY meds so far. Definitely make me sleepy, though, which is a good thing since I have trouble calming down at night even when I am tired. Sounds familiar, right? =)


Kristiem10 said...

That is crazy. Blake is the same way for me, but an angel for his babysitter and at school. Go figure.

Umma said...

That is crazy! I've heard of kids that are completely different at school and home personality wise but you'd think the ADHD sort of behavior would at least cross over!

Anonymous said...

After teaching special ed, I realized a very important can learn to cope for a certain, set amount of time. They can hold it together at school but as soon as they are in their comfortable spot again, they let it all loose! Kids who were very sweet at school would be agressive at home, or calm at school would be crazy at home....they all learn to cope in a certain situation for a certain length of time...but home gets to be the place (good or bad) that they relax and let it all go!

Aunti EM

Anonymous said...

Yeah! You're moving!
I hope creepy guy doesn't find out.
Kids are always different for you than they are for everyone else. No one at Andrew's preschool could believe that he would throw the most horrendous temper tantrums at home because he was just sooo sweet and quiet at school. Ha!
David isn't so different than other kids after all. :)
Very excited about the impending move!
Love you! Aunt Kim