Monday, October 20, 2008

exciting developments and one mounting headache

does anyone else find it humorous that the makers of swiffer sweepers, the product that taught us that we don't need silly spray cleaning products or brooms -- just a simple cloth to pick up dirt and dust -- has now brought us -- wait for it ---DUSTING SPRAY! ?

punkin seems to have turned a corner in the potty-training endeavor. actually, i turned a corner first; the corner of bribery and desperation. it started with him getting candy for sitting on the potty. it did the trick of convincing him that the toilet deserved another chance, but quickly lost any motivational pull. so i bought this this book about going potty that had a chart in it. the chart had four rows of ten with spaces for stickers. i cut two rows off of the chart. the first one i filled with stickers. the second i left blank. i hung them both on the bathroom wall with a picture of us at the children's museum. he LOVES the children's museum. i'm not sure how much he understands, but he must understand it to a point (after i explained repeatedly that we weren't going to the museum that second) because he went potty THREE times today. and it was in the regular potty, not his glorified plastic chamber pot. whoo-hoo! or as punkin says these days, "hoo-hoo!" i think the best reward for him, though, is my reaction. i cannot adequately describe it here. i can ony say it involves hands in the air, shouting "yaaaahhh!!!", and a funny voice.

and now, more about ME! my doctor's office called today. the nurse told me that my scan showed a slightly deviated septum, but otherwise everything looked "pretty good."
so do i need to schedule and appointment?
nope! (happy voice)
goes to hang up.
but i'm still sick! i've been sick for at least 6 weeks. i need ... something.
and she promises someone will call me back. that was 6 hours ago...

other exciting developments:

punkin was able to put on his socks (after his teacher got them over his toes) and shoes today all by himself given the incentive of lunch.

he is going through a growth spurt, which is terribly exciting because he sleeps all the time. and since i haven't had as much respite lately, this is a welcome relief.

prison break is just as gory, slow-moving, intricate, and addicting as ever.

social security is making me crazy yet again. it counted a child support payment i got in august towards my august AND september income. and when i called about it, the lady ... well... i have to send back papers that they should already have copies of. GAHAHHAHA.

my new meds seem to be good. the chlorazepate is especially nice to take before bed because it makes me super sleepy. and i haven't had any problems from the lexapro. there's no way i could take the chlorazepate during the day, though. unless i tried taking half. but i'd have to try that on a day i was staying home all day to see what the effects were. i'm used to the honeymoon period of meds, so we will see if my love for them changes. =)

monday is nearly over!


Jennie said...

You are such a cutie pie! So exciting that the man is fully bribe-able. Hopefully soon he will do it as a matter of course.

FXSmom said...

Did u know that you and your followers have visited my blog 1,405 times since I started it in April of 07!? You guys rock :) I thought that was a cool "exciting development" since I just saw that ;-)

Hope you are guys are doing great in your new place!!