Saturday, October 25, 2008

fragile x week results are IN and we ROCK at the easiest fundraiser EVER

My aunt called maybe six months ago and mentioned that the student council at the elementary school where she works wanted to have a fundraiser and they voted to have it benefit Fragile X and call it Gene Day -- pay $1 to wear jeans instead of their uniforms. I decided to have the same day at the schools where my mom and I work as well. The difference would be that the staff would pay $5 to wear jeans since our kids don't wear uniforms. Anyway, it turned into Fragile X Week with one school participating Tuesday, one Wednesday, and one Thursday.


We left Wednesday afternoon for my Aunt and Uncle's house an hour and a half away. Punkin did great in the car, minus the solid five minutes of screaming near the end. Once we turned off the highway into a residential neighborhood, though, he stopped screaming and started listing people's names; someone we knew lived in one of those houses. The end was in sight. We settled in for some dinner; Punkin surprised me by attacking a salad with ranch dressing. (Like the tartar sauce last month, though, it turned his face bright red wherever it touched him.) He needed some convincing to sleep in a strange bed, but eventually fell asleep so I could eat some apple cake. (Hhheeaaahhhvvaannn.)

The next morning I gave a rather lackluster (and short) speech to the school (K-8). But then I went and said hi to them in their classrooms, and I think that went much better because I was only speaking to one grade level instead of navigating the very little kids with the almost high-schoolers. One kindergartener asked, "Does he have any teeth?" then "Can I see them? Can you tell him to open his mouth?" and "How many teeth does he have?"

We hung out with my aunt's class quite a bit. One of her first graders leaned over to her friend, pointed to me, and whispered, "She's gonna be famous!" After we ate some pizza for lunch and celebrated the $250 (!!) they raised, we headed home. I was so sleepy I had to pull over for about 10 minutes to rest my eyes.

So, how does it all add up? Well, my mom's school raised $128, the school I work at and two other related preschools raised $230, and my aunt's school raised $250. So all together $608 was raised for The National Fragile X Foundation!! All of the donations are being sent in separately, but I plan to send a letter with the ones I'm mailing to explain how this all developed. I definitely encourage you to try this at some point to raise money for whatever is important to you. It is super easy, requiring almost no planning and very basic math skills. =)


FXSmom said...

omg...that is so great!

Anonymous said...

Congatulations!!!! You do ROCK!
Love, Aunt Patty

Oma said...

And the teachers loved the fact that they could wear jeans on a TUESDAY! They want one every week:) Principal said no:(

The flyer sent home with the kids was great. It said Genes Day. The kids thought that meant they were supposed to wear jeans that day, even though they can wear jeans anytime lol.

But I go to answer questions. Most of them knew Punkin, so I got to explain about his behaviors, etc. They love him even more. It was very cool.

Great job, Erika.
Mom (Oma)

Kristiem10 said...

You are so awesome! Congratulations on an amazing fundraiser!

Jennie said...

You are the awesomest person ever! You did a SPECTACULAR job! And I believe that kid - you ARE going to be famous.

sarah said...

hooray! that is so awesome! :D

Holly's Mom said...

Congrats, that is awsome!