Friday, October 3, 2008

imaginary conversation

me: punkin got a tree at school today

blogger friends: oh, like a pretend tree?

me: no, a real tree

bf: oh, seeds to plant? that's nice.

me: no, a tree. in a tube.

bf: you plant a tree in a tube? what on earth for?

me: no, no, no. it's a mini tree that's being kept in a tube until you decide to plant it. eventually it will grow into a giant ... hold on ... Norway Spruce.

bf: did everyone get one?

me: every preschooler.

bf: but why?

me: arbor day? going green? christmas?

bf: but where on earth are you supposed to plant it? at your apartment?

me: i live in the woods, so no.

bf: oma and opa?

me: they just cut down two trees. did i tell you i have a dishwasher?

bf: but i'm still confused about the tube tree.

me: i'm the one who had to help hand them out today and YOU'RE confused? i'm making a milkshake.


Kristiem10 said...

lol. We got a tube tree one year from Drew's school, so I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. Ours went in the trash eventually. Bad arborists that we are.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should post a picture of this "tube" tree.
I can't be the only one wondering what this looks like.