Tuesday, October 28, 2008

like son, like mother?

Going to the eye doctor is always sort of nerve wracking for me because I'm worried I won't give him the right answer and then my prescription will be wrong and then the world will implode. So I sit and wring my hands through determining which slide is clearer than the other, if all of the dots are really lined up, and whether or not I can read the line easily or if I actually had to squint a little. Today, things were put into perspective. He basically told me that my wiring is a little "different." No, mom! My optical wiring. I am more sensitive to visual stimuli and even subtle changes than most people. Oh, duh! Guess that's where Punkin gets it!

It's just weird how all of these quirky things about myself add up to Fragile X -- and how many of them I have in common with Punkin, even if much less intense. It's refreshing to know that I can look inside myself to understand Punkin's challenges tiny little bit more and help him cope with a world that often seems to fight against us with it's goopy pudding, wal-mart lighting, icky icky wallet fabrics and super dry paper towels, strings, tags, flashing lights, cushions on chairs and couches, coats (OH THE COATS, OH THE HORROR), and slides flipping back and forth between really blurry and slightly less blurry. Which is better? The first slide or the alternative? Tell me when the two sides look more or less the same. Tell me when the dots line up. Tell me when they start to look funny. Now tell me when they line up again.

When I came back to school to pick up Punkin after the appointment, his teacher told me that he strutted into the after school program, threw down his bag, waved while greeting his friends with a "Hi guys!", removed his coat, and yelled 'Ta-Da!" She also told me that when they went to the school assembly about fire safety, he was laying on her lap and decided to take a little CHOMP out of her leg. He wasn't mad; it was just in the way when he needed a little oral input.

On a completely different note, the episode of Law and Order SVU I'm currently watching is subject -- unusual though it may be -- to some seriously bad acting.


FXSmom said...

I share a lot of common issues with my youngest fx'er. i too like that I can empathize with her because then I can find ways to try to help her out more. I think it has allowed her to be a lot more social than I ever was at her age.

Kristiem10 said...

I have that same issue at the eye doctor! I am serious. It makes me crazy, too.

And I can totally relate to some of the sensory issues my kids have, for I have plenty of my own. It helps me to understand on some level what they are going through.