Thursday, October 30, 2008

more lessons learned

My neighbors must think I'm torturing the kid. He cried for at least 15 minutes last night over dinner rolls. Dinner. Rolls. Dinner ROLLS. And it's my own fault. See, everything was ready except the bread, because my new (to me) oven has to be turned to the bake setting in addition to the desired temperature in order to heat up. And, guess what? You got it! I forgot to set it to bake. But I remembered to put the butter on the table. And you better believe Punkin knows what's supposed to go with butter! He immediately asked about it, and I calmly pointed out that the bread just wasn't ready yet. Why didn't I just nonchalantly say, "Oops! We don't need that!'? I don't know. WHY DIDN'T I? Cause you know what happened? "WHHHAAAA!!!!! (smacks self in the head repeatedly) BUDDER! BWEAD! (throws fork, pushes plate away, attempts to dump out milk) WAIT! (knocks over chair) WHAAA!!! NOT WEADY YET!! WWHHAAA!!!" I calmly explained that if he just nibbled on his apple slices, veggies, and casserole, the bread would be finished in a snap. "WHAAA!!!" So I ate my dinner while he cried. And I made sure to mention, when the rolls were done, that since I had eaten my casserole, I would get a roll. And yes, being the evil mother that I am, I ate it right in front of him as he screamed. How did this end, you ask? In me practically shoving a piece of casserole in his mouth, which eventually made him stop screaming when he realized, "Oh, ya, I like this!" So he ate a few bites and got his stupid bread with butter. And when he ate the top off his bread, he got more butter. 'Cause he said please.

Tonight was much happier, even though he ended up eating almost nothing for dinner. The 30th is always Trick-or-Treat in our city. I wanted REALLY badly for him to be Woody this year, but I couldn't find all of the pieces -- specifically boots to fit him -- to make it work. So I picked up a Buzz Lightyear costume instead. Oma tried her best to snap a photo of him with his pumpkin pail, but he wouldn't stand still for a second! At first he didn't quite understand the arrangement; but after a few houses he was on a roll. It pretty much went like this: "Hi, guys! Look 'em!" as he held up his pumpkin pail as if to say, You wouldn't believe what people will do just to see this thing. It's magic. Grown-ups are kind of naive, man! He stayed out for over an hour, but when we got back to Oma's he was so tired he wouldn't eat anything. Note to self: eat dinner first next year. Oh, the small wisdoms we learn!

Don't let your kid take off his pull-up on your bed. He WILL pee on the sheets. This WILL make you angry.

Do remind your child (who hates clothing) frequently that wearing the Buzz costume is his ticket to candy.

Do assemble presents as much as possible before they are wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree.

Do keep diapers and wipes stashed in as many places as possible, examples include the car, purse, child's backpack, cubby at school, Oma's car, Oma and Opa's house.

DO be incredibly thankful to God for his AMAZING ability to bring together people to work in your life. Punkin's new OT is not only one of his former respite workers, she is one of two ALL TIME FAVORITE respite workers! I am STOKED. IF THE CAPS AREN'T CLEAR ENOUGH. Nothing was decided today, we just shared information and she observed him completing various tasks.

Don't leave the butter on the table unless you are ready to hand over the biscuits ASAP.


Do remain calm and stick to your guns when they aren't WEADY YET.


Jennie said...

You are a great mom. I'm sure it was HARD to eat your roll in front of him, but it will help him so much in learning the cause and effect of things. Glad you guys had a good trick-or-treat night. "Mother, I am simply amazed at this pagan holiday. Normally adults seem very wrapped-up in their own issues, but they seem to almost welcome this chance to relive their childhood and release their inner child. I suggest that we make this a bi-monthly event. Will someone second that proposal?"

FXSmom said...

Good thing you have a blog to keep track of all your rules ;-)

Sarah said...

Awesome post! I can easily imagine the butter roll drama. And the list of guidelines are very helpful! : )