Tuesday, October 14, 2008

so i have nothing very exciting to say. punkin is on antibiotics for an unidentified problem having to do with bacteria somewhere, maybe his sinuses or his throat. and i am going to have to wait a while for the results of my ct-scan. he got sick saturday night immediately after i came back from a wedding. it was weird. all of the sudden i'm at the wedding and i know i need to be with him. so when i check on him and he is snoozing, i think it must be the wine. then he wakes up maybe a minute later and he is burning up (103+) and vomits (very hot, by the way) on my shoulder. this continues for the next day and a half, and forces me to face the reality that i feel really lousy myself (did i mention my sinuses are going to explode?). i did love the part where he cuddled with me on a pile of blankets in front of the tv all day sunday, though. that was good stuff.


Maddy said...

Yup that's why we trust our instincts.

Hope he's on the mend soon.
Best wishes

FXSmom said...

Boy do I know how that boy feels :( I hope he is getting better!