Sunday, October 5, 2008

too much boom, not enough water

My friend is getting married next week. So last night about 25 of us boarded The Boom Boom Bus for a night on the town. Sadly, it was not the pink boom boom bus, but it was still pretty sweet. It just took us from bar to bar after our initial party with presents and appetizers at a local restaurant. And I gotta say I had two drinks at the bars. In between bars (on the bus) was another story, as is evidenced by the jackhammer in my head almost 24 hours later.

Also, I have to publicly thank Oma for not only babysitting Punkin last night, but putting up with me this morning. I spent the night at her house with the intention of being mommy in the morning. Didn't so much happen that way.


Holly's Mom said...

Yeah for a fun night out :-)

Holly's Mom said...

You have been tagged - Hope to see your responce soon!

FXSmom said...

glad you had a "booming" night...I think