Saturday, October 4, 2008

tube tree

it's not that it isn't nice to get a tube tree. in fact, i think it's a fantastic idea. how fun to plant a tree with your preschooler and help the earth. but the large majority of the parents at punkin's school rent. one family suggested planting it in a large pot and using it for a christmas tree, but i'm not sure trees grow that fast.

i thought punkin would like it, but i wasn't thinking about the needles being spikey -- he is not fond of that texture. i have a feeling he is more open to digging in the dirt, though.

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Umma said...

Spruce definitely don't grow that fast :-) It can grow like 3 feet or so a year but Christmas isn't that far away. It would probably be just about perfect for Christmas 2011, lol.