Tuesday, October 21, 2008

warning: potty training update

he peed in the potty twice at school, three times at home, and once at best buy. !!!!! we haven't been in this good of a potty training position since july. let's hope it lasts this time! i won't talk about what happened in his diaper at the store, though. let's just say an emergency diaper purchase was made and many windows were opened to air out the car. wish me luck tomorrow -- i have to talk in front of a whole school. i should say i GET to talk in front of a whole school, about my three favorite topics: me, fragile x, and punkin.


d. said...


My sister-in-law had the hardest time with their younger daughter. Emily was great at home, but absolutely refused public restrooms -- because to her, that opening in the seat meant it was broken. She'd rather hold it until she passed out than put her princess behind on a "broken potty."

FXSmom said...

woot!! wtg punkin :)

sarah said...

hooray! good luck! both on the pottying and the talk!

Paula Fasciano said...

How did your talk go! I hope it went well!

Good luck...potty training is a process, isn't it??