Wednesday, November 5, 2008

curious george never hits the man with the yellow hat

Major issues at home today. He was just calming down after 2o minutes of screaming something about a bath and I don't know what and banging his head on the wall and kicking me and hitting me in the face and throwing my things around and sobbing to the point of gagging WHEN..... Oh, that's cute. He wants to sit in his chair and watch TV. And he got a chair for me! Sweetie!
Oh, the table, too... Does he think ....

Yes, he does think we're eating in the living room. Well, the screaming WAS over for the night. I guess it starts again in 5..4...3...2..


Jennie said...

You crack me up. Did the screaming begin anew? Did you want the world's biggest hot fudge sundae to calm your nerves?

FXSmom said...

at least he is at a