Saturday, November 29, 2008

happy belated thanksgiving!

We went for a walk near my apartment while the turkey finished cooking at Oma's. This is Punkin's new favorite thing -- riding on shoulders or a back.
We went to The Festival of Trees today (Saturday), which is a big holiday celebration that starts around Thanksgiving and goes for a week maybe. Anyway, there are trees to win, trees to buy, and trees for charity. My favorite was the Mountain Dew tree. =)Every tree is different. Some are classic, while most are fun and fanciful. This one was decorated with tiny shoes. Then we saw the gingerbread houses. And the play houses -- I would totally live in this, btw. And Punkin's favorite part -- the train! Then we headed to the North Pole. Santa wasn't there, but there were over a dozen games, including mini golf. We played a couple. We even sat for a story. That went really well.

And finally, we decorated a COOKIE and went home to crash. Punkin's Aunt Emily is here, and he is so excited to be hanging out with her and Oma and Opa. He's also been using the potty at home and in public places, which is awesome. And he's brought me a couple poopy diapers and pooped in the toilet a couple times. Overall, we are making progress, even if it is mostly adult led. To be fair, he has told me ahead of time with words. Often he says it with gestures (read: taking his diaper off), so it's harder to pick up on.

Thanksgiving has been a blast. Very relaxing. Oma cooked up some fantastic food. On Friday we went shopping for a few hours and bought a couple things and then Em and I went to a movie at the cheap theater while Punkin had respite. It's $5.50 for a ticket, soda, and popcorn. We saw The Secret Life of Bees and I highly recommend. Oma said the book is really good, too.

Now we are just hanging out. Punkin is very emotional, so I think he's running out of steam. Since we slept at Oma's two nights in a row, he feels a little "off" I think. Holidays are so complicated, even when they're easy. =)


FXSmom said...

We do the festival of trees to but it's next weekend. I like the mountain dew tree too. My work is submitting a tree covered in traditional horsey stuff. So the garland is barb wire (plastic ... not real), there will be horseshoes, and horseys and saddles. It'll be cool. I'm putting my tickets in to win the tree from our local library though...It is a Twilight tree :)

Kristiem10 said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I am glad you had a nice break. Hope Punkin gets back in the swing of things easily for you.

Holly's Mom said...

I loved the secret life of bees, it was great. It sounds like you had so much fun. We are doing this kind of Holiday stuff in 2 weeks when we go to Florida to visit Holly's Oma and Opa. The pictures are great, and your walk/hike sounds relaxing.

Jennie said...

See? He DOES need a giant Snugli. I also love his monkey toes. So cute!

Jennie said...

PS: I love the Dew tree too!

Sarah said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday!