Sunday, November 23, 2008

have you ever

had liquid ibuprofen spit in your eyes? i do not recommend. in an attempt to avoid this from happening in the future, i will follow my gut feeling and give him any medication before bed while he is still lucid. because relying on him to be compliant during a mid-sleep screaming session is just illogical.

i'm not sure exactly what's ailing him. i assume that he is having the beginnings of my plague. he had a low grade temp for a few hours saturday, but then has been fine since. he's running around and eating and everything, but he's also super emotional. and by super emotional i mean gagging himself to the point of vomiting. in the car. GROSS!

in all honesty, though, he's been emotional for weeks. one minute he's cuddly and laughing and the next he's throwing things and smacking me. *sigh* i just want him to be happy. i have a hard enough time managing my emotions, and i'm 26! (no comments needed, oma)

AND, of course, he failed his hearing screening. so i have a call in to his ENT about that. hopefully it was a false reading because he couldn't sit still enough. *forced hopeful smile* it just never ends, does it?

my parents once again saved the day. i've been having a drama queen kind of day, and oma has been very patient (thank you) and made me pancakes. and opa figured out that the reason i've been freezing (and therefore incessantly checking my body temperature) was because my furnace wasn't lit. DOH!

and i am definitely having some electrical problems that need to be addressed. so this is the first test to see if i've picked a decent person to rent with. unfortunately it's kind of a big test. one of my outlets just stopped working -- of course it's the one with my tv, dvd, phone, and computer. there are two others that also worry me a smidge. so we'll see what they say.

all in all it was a boring weekend, which i suppose we needed. let's hope this week is healthier, no? hope your week is healthy!!! happy monday?


Jennie said...

I hope they fix all that right away! Otherwise they will have to be pwndeded.

Happy Monday! (But it's really more like Wednesday!)

FXSmom said...

nope my week won't be healthy but it will short, fun and possibly snowy!!

I hope he gets happy soon. Our kids and their changing moods are never fun