Sunday, November 9, 2008

i'm tired

I have to do something about our weekends; this is getting ridiculous. I need to enforce our schedule. My son is losing his mind and I am losing my patience. The words that describe a good portion of our weekend: head banging (most notably on the mirror in the dressing room at the mall), slapping himself, slapping and kicking me, throwing up [from crying], throwing objects [out of anger], destroying anything paper, screaming, crying, ect. I am tired. And I feel a little lost. I want to help him, and sometimes I just don't know how. He has been more cuddly than usual and the time change is still bothering his sleep patterns, so maybe he feels lost as well.

Yesterday, after doing my part for the economy by buying lots of new clothes, we saw Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa with some friends. He laughed SO hard his body shook and he snorted. He's still asking me for popcorn when we get in the car, so I think what he really means is, "To the theater, James!"
In more funny news, I braved the wind and cold (I know it is warm compared to where we are heading, but I still hate it) to go to the store for pull-ups. Now Punkin refuses to use the potty seat I bought him, but I think it's because it's uncomfortable and it is the top to the plastic kiddie potty and he knows it's really supposed to be on that potty. Anyway, I will get to my point now. I saw a potty seat with Elmo on it, and he was quite excited. So excited, in fact, that he sat on it in the cart and held it to his chest the entire way out to the car and on the way home. If I could only record people's reactions and post them here. =)


Sarah said...

What a sad and funny post. Sad about how challenging your little guy has been lately and hilarious about the elmo potty seat!

Holly's Mom said...

SO sorry to hear you had a tough weekend, I hate when they cry so hard they puke.. it makes me so sad. But I am glad you had a fun time at the Movie.. Maybe he was getting a little over stimulated? Does he still take naps? Holly gets so fussy and cranky when she doesn;t get hers.

Sueblimely said...

Sorry to hear about the crankiness but it is good you can keep a sense of humor.

Your potty seat story reminded me of when my FXer was just out of nappies and seeing a toilet sitting on the floor in the hardware store availed himself of its services. I told one of the staff and made an embarassed escape - trying not to laugh in case Alex thought it was a good way to amuse me next time we were there!