Tuesday, November 18, 2008

it's bad when you miss tv for sleep

It's official: I'm sick. How do I know? Besides the hacking cough, sore throat, and inability to speak, I actually fell asleep at 7:45pm last night -- meaning I missed both Prison Break and The Hills. That is serious!

So I dropped off Punkin at school this morning -- he slept until 7am! -- and went to the doctor. I went there instead of calling because I seriously couldn't speak and I was hoping (and it worked) that they would squeeze me in right away since I was there so early. Doc says it's a virus and I just need to rest. Blah. Last winter I lost my voice 4 times, so I really hope this is not the beginning of a very quiet (get it?) cold season.

I do kinda miss him, though ,after being home alone all day. But seeing as how he slept so long, part of the time in my bed, I have a feeling he'll soon be just as uncomfortable as me and we'll be spending TONS of time together. Fun, fun, fun!


Holly's Mom said...

Feel better soon, and get a lot of rest..

Kristiem10 said...

I'm sick too. Feel better soon.

FXSmom said...

Matty has a virus too :(. At least you have lots of company :)

Get better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, sorry to write that I have minimal advice to offer, yet thought you just might want feedback from one more aunt! I think you should do what they say, yet top it off with a bit of red wine just before bed. Praying for you!

Aunt Kathy