Tuesday, November 25, 2008

that's what i get for losing track of time

punkin has been doing really well sitting on the potty lately. and he's getting better about it at school, too. he's dry in the morning and is dry at home as long as i remember to take him. he has some subtle cues that he needs to go potty, but really no verbals. the real issue is with pooping in the potty because it involves a certain level of commitment and concentration.

well, he definitely knows that he's not supposed to poop in his diaper. in fact, he definitely doesn't want poop in his diaper at all. BUTT he can't quite make the next step of sitting on the potty. the other day it ended up on the floor. today, well, i was cooking pork chops and heard some swishing and rustling. swishing and rustling aren't expected when your son is supposed to be playing with his kitchen set and watching curious george. i'm used to banging and "moooommm! more juice?"

he's not in the living room. he must be in the bathroom. oh, no. it's 6:00! "did you poop? do you need a new .... oh! let's not do ... oh, no. honey, no. okay. *sigh* alrighty, we're gonna need some towels and some plastic bags."

he was swishing his dirty diaper around in the toilet. and it seems somehow all of the others in the trash got a soak.


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Jennie said...

Well, it's obvious he knows where the poopy is supposed to go! That's a good sign, although obviously trying to wash non-cloth diapers would be trying on mom's sanity! I'm amazed that chocolate bars don't have negative connotations for you because of this!