Monday, December 1, 2008

dude, he's wearing thomas the train boxer briefs!

I realized I complained and complained about being ill, but never bothered to tell you that I think I'm 90% better now. The doctor gave me a prescription for prednizone and it is working. I still have the regular sinus pain, but I pretty much don't feel that anymore.

In more exciting news, Punkin had two accidents today. Not too bad. Well, 2 and 1/2 -- I caught him mid-poop. (hehehe) I think it's going to be more difficult at school because, well, it's school. I mean, it's about a thousand times more stimulating than home. And he really doesn't want to potty for anyone but me. I think it's because I do the "YEAH!!!" voice and dance.

Speaking of overstimulation, we had another OT visit today. We had to switch OTs because someone had a baby and his other OT is covering her patients. Anyway, she's very nice, but we are kind of starting over again. She assured me that the ideas I had from the conference and from other resources are completely appropriate for him and the process is more about trial and error than anything else. She's going to teach me how to do the brushing and deep joint compression next Monday. And she said the sensory breaks will be at times when he normally starts to lose it -- in other words, it's an inuitive process aimed at preventing meltdowns. I guess I understood it better than I thought -- it just seemed so logical and nothing's ever that simple.

Now I'm used to bodily fluid clean-up, but this time it landed on my couch. So I think it's time to rent an upolstery cleaner, as it's my turn to host Bunco next week. In the meantime, I continue to invest time, energy, and money into the fabulous product that is Resolve Pet Stain and Odor Remover. LOVE it. To which you point out, "But Erika, you don't have a pet." To this I say, "SOMEONE PEED ON MY COUCH TODAY and almost pooped on the carpet. Toddlers and dogs -- not so different, actually."


Landon Andrew said...

We do a lot of jumping in the house. I jump Landon up and down on the bed and then follow it up with joint compressions probably about every two hours. We also have a course set-up downstairs which includes a slide, a crash mat (we use a bean bag), a heavy sock with rice in it and a therapy ball to bounce on. We do that two times and three times a day. He is much more calm and focused. It takes about 5 weeks to see the difference!

FXSmom said...

toddlers and one :)

Holly's Mom said...

I love the Toddler Dog Analogy... We call Holly a Puppy all the time because she chews on everything!

WritingAllNight said...

I buy white vinegar by the gallon. Amber has stopped having daytime accidents, but we do have a dog. And cats. The vinegar really gets the 'stank' out. I use it in her wash, too, because she can't get through the night very often without an accident.

It was very scary to put her on the bus for the first time in just panties. We pottied her before the bus, then herr teachers had her on an every 30 minute toileting schedule. I sent in near about a suitcase of extra clothes!

We bounce, do a deep massage, which is really just pushing down on her shoulders, then gripping her arms/legs firmly for a second and moving on. She loves this and gets a look of pure bliss on her face.

Good luck with the briefs!

Umma said...

Haha, not so different at all. We use Petastic (which used to be Nature's Miracle.) We buy the gallon sized bottle.

I gave you an award too :-)